1. Purchase and display an Israeli flag to show your support of our beloved country.
  2. Support:

  3. Be proud, unapologetic, and steadfast in your commitment to both Israel and your Judaism each and every day. Try to learn one new fact each day.

  4. Stay informed about the unfolding events in Israel and speak with your non-Jewish friends to educate them about the perils of rising Anti-Semitism. You might find it helpful to watch and share the Piers Morgan interview with the son of a founder of Hamas, which was on Sky News Australia.
  5. Listen to and share Dr. Phil's words about Anti-Semitism on college campuses.
  6. Follow Danya Wasser’s pro-Israel page on Tik Tok: @danyawass.
  7. Reach out to family and friends in Israel. While we cannot remove someone’s pain, the act of letting someone know that they are not alone is an important gesture.
  8. Join us at the synagogue on Shabbat mornings at 10AM to stand with and pray for Israel. Share in the discussion around the Kiddush table after the service.
  9. Prayer is how we give expression to our hopes for our world and tilt God’s will towards making those hopes a reality. The shattered soul of Israel needs our prayers now more than ever. At home, in the synagogue, wherever you are – now is the time to pray.